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Szilvia Ponyiczki

Szilvia Ponyiczki

The main aspect of my work is the exploration of the personal and the collective unconscious through art. To gain a deeper understanding of this world I approach it through the realm of dreams.

I work with the principles of dream analysis, similarly to the way the well-known Swiss psychoanalyst, C.G. Jung approached the problem of dreams. My aim is to incorporate the ways of the unconscious into my art processes, to build up a world parallel to the unconscious.

Being fascinated by and allowing to be manipulated by the guiding forces of the unconscious, I mostly create dreamscape paintings; these can be either figurative dreamscapes or abstract dream-carpets of intermingling motifs.

My latest abstract dreamscapes are based on dream symbolism. The visual vocabulary used is the result of three years of collaboration with a Jungian analyst; who helped me define and interpret the symbolic elements of dreams.

Based on this, I have generated a visual library of recurring dreamscape elements over the years which appear in schematic and highly simplified form in my works, creating a new story waiting to be interpreted by the audience.

A work of art that resonates with us taps into our collective unconscious, bringing forth the inherited, age-old knowledge and experiences of humankind; but the actual interpretation of the work is influenced by our personal histories as well, making the experience unique to us.

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