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Buying original artwork means more than just a painting – Original Artwork for Sale.

There’s something very special about owning an original artwork for sale. Firstly, it’s original; no one else in the entire world has it, just you. But for us, owning an original artwork is also much more than that.

The modern world feels like one big homogeneous factory where the same bland products are created by machines over and over again. As price and efficiency become more important, creativity and individuality are being lost. Art is a beautiful reaction against this, it’s a reminder that creativity does still exist. A creativity devoid of machines and computers, and a creativity where unique and original things are produced.

We believe original art is a precious commodity in a world full of factory produced goods
We believe original art is a precious commodity in a world full of factory lines and mass production

And there’s something very special about owning an original artwork that has been produced solely by a fellow human being, it becomes personal and meaningful on many levels.

These art works makes you feel something. It’s as though you understand what the artist wanted to say, or felt at the time of painting it. It connects you with the artist. You can see, and feel, each and every brushstroke, observing how the painting was created.

We offer original artwork for sale here at CreativeFolk.

Whether it’s an abstract built up with many layers, a subtle watercolour, or a powerful portrait, every original painting is a visual representation of the inner thoughts and feelings of the artist who painted it.

Purchasing an original also says something special about you. It says that you support the arts, that you care about creativity and want unique and beautiful things to remain in this world. In displaying a piece of art in your home you’re making a wonderful statement that you believe in the artist and their passion enough to invest in it.

Buying original art helps support the artist and allows them to keep creating
Investing in original art helps support the artist and allows them to keep creating

Now of course buying an original work of art IS an investment. Yes they cost more than a print but unlike prints you have the one and only true original; something that the artist physically put their heart and soul into.

But, as an investment you’re not only purchasing something for your soul, you’re putting money back into the artist’s practice, allowing them to continue their work and who knows, maybe they’re the next Picasso?

Art should be affordable for all
Buying original art from up and coming artists could prove to be a lucrative investment

For us, purchasing a painting is a decision made from the heart. You know instantly when you’ve fallen in love with a work of art and chances are you’ll know exactly where it should live.

Once upon a time, buying an original work of art was only for the rich and shameless but at CreativeFolk we have some amazing original works of art available from incredibly talented artists at very fair prices.

Our goal, right from the start, was to showcase artists with all manner of styles at prices everyone can afford. So whether you’re a fan of figurative, abstract, landscape or even social commentary art we have something that you will love.

With all our original art works, each one is signed by the artist, comes with a Certificate of Authenticity and if you live in the UK they all come with FREE delivery.

Why not have a look at all the original art works we have at CreativeFolk and choose something special today.

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