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Paul Insect releases Ltd Ed Christmas bauble collection

To be honest, Paul Insect and Christmas baubles aren’t words we ever thought we’d be putting together but, on Thursday 17th November at 14.00hr via avantarte.com, the street art legend will be releasing a limited edition box set of 10 hand blown glass Christmas tree baubles.

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JIM MOIR aka VIC REEVES Solo Yorkshire Exhibition

When we think of Vic Reeves, we are immediately taken back to classic comedy shows such as Vic & Bob’s Big Night Out or Shooting Stars. We, like many, didn’t realise that Jim Moir aka Vic Reeves is actually a very talented painter.

We only found this out when watching a celebrity version of Sky Arts’s Portrait Artist of the Year (which he went on to win).

Well, we’ve just received news that Moir is about to have his first solo exhibition titled ‘Yorkshire Rocks & Dinghy Fights’ in his native Yorkshire from 22nd Sept- 8th October at RedHouse Originals Gallery in Harrogate.

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Super Star Ed Sheeran joins Background Bob 3 art project!

Yep you read that headline right. The world famous pop star Ed Sheeran, adored by millions all over the world is joining the latest, and final Background Bob art project, much to the excitement of everyone involved.

The news was announced on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter a couple of days ago via a short video from Ed Sheeran himself. Seen holding the previous two Background Bob books he thanks Background Bob and announces he’ll paint on the background he received as soon as he can. He finishes the video with the short statement ‘I love what you’re doing’.

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Kiss My Art – In aid of Ukraine ‘Make Art Not War’ fundraiser

Last week we wrote about an amazing art auction taking place on Facebook to help raise funds for those affected by the war in Ukraine. Well this week we have another exciting creative event called ‘Kiss My Art’ hoping to raise much needed funds for the Ukrainian crisis…

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Artists for Ukraine Art Auction

We have all been horrified and deeply saddened by the devasting invasion of Ukraine by Russian President Vladimir Putin. In support and solidarity of the Ukrainian people, many are doing what they can to help raise money, and one such event called ‘Artists for Ukraine Art Auction’ takes place on Friday 18th March.

The event has been organised by the talented artist Raffaella Bertolini (who also happens to be a part of the CreativeFolk family) and will see over 80 artworks go up for auction via Facebook in the hope to raise much needed funds for Ukrainian people affected by the war.

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You don’t look sick – a painting with an important message

We love art that makes a statement. Something that gets the brain ticking and makes you think. Recently we stumbled across a work of art on social media that did exactly that. And we weren’t alone in our opinion… in fact the image has been shared over 2,200 times.

The artwork in question was created by 22 year old art student Chloe Burns, who is currently in her final year at Nottingham Trent University. It consists of 48 A4 sheets of her own medical notes with the words ‘You don’t look sick’ written across them, which is also the title of the piece.

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Are You Ready For The Background Bob 2 Auction?

It’s almost that time again when 250 lovely works of art go on auction for Background Bob 2. The first Background Bob raised a whopping £100,000 for charity and fingers crossed Background Bob 2 will be just as successful or even better!

We spoke to Background Bob’s dad, Nathan, to find out how things are going and to get some more details about the upcoming auction…

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Meet My Dog Sighs on his ‘INSIDE’ exhibition tour

Last year My Dog Sighs’ most ambitious project to date “INSIDE:We Shelter Here Sometimes”, transformed a derelict ballroom into an immersive world inhabited by the artist’s own sculptural creatures, dubbed his ‘Quiet Little Voices’ and welcomed 10,000 people through the door over the 16 days of opening.

He followed the project with the release of an art book based on his highly acclaimed installation/exhibition. The captivating, beautifully produced photo book reveals all the artwork from INSIDE:We Shelter Here Sometimes, as well as a comprehensive and candid documentation of the 18 month journey of the exhibition’s creation.

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AK47 launches new show ‘I AM NOT’ at Graffik Gallery

AK47 is one of those artists who doesn’t shy away from controversy. In fact we’d say he relishes it. Head of ‘Art Kieda’, a self-proclaimed art terrorist group, Andy Link aka AK47 has announced his first show in two years titled ‘I AM NOT’ which opens on 3rd February at the Graffik Gallery in London.

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Halo Infinite artwork by Iva Troj is truly a masterpiece

Edelman UK and Xbox recently teamed up with acclaimed Brighton based artist Iva Troj and Creative Giants to create an epic renaissance-style oil-on-canvas painting to celebrate the launch of Halo Infinite. The finished works are currently on show at two of the most famous galleries in the world; the Saatchi Gallery in London and Carrousel du Louvre in Paris, highlighting that gaming is an art form in itself.

In the coming weeks, the campaign will evolve to generate further reach, as the original artwork will be taken down and split into hundreds of pieces to be shared amongst gaming influencers and collectors, emphasising the truly democratic nature and mass-appeal of digital gaming craft art. 

As huge admirers of Iva’s work we got in touch with her to discuss this incredible collaboration and the jaw dropping finished pieces…

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I EXIST: An empowering show celebrating trans people

Art can be a very powerful vehicle to help dispel myths and stigma by encouraging discussion. It has been used throughout history to portray artist’s opinions and viewpoints on a subject and I EXIST is a perfect example of just that.

Opening on the 12th November at the Coastguard studio in Portsmouth, I EXIST is a global arts project addressing the lack of visibility of trans bodies in art, a topic very close to the heart of the artist behind the show – trans artist Mister Samo.

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Is Banksy’s ‘Love is in the bin’ his most infamous piece yet?

At 18.00 today Banksy’s infamous shredded ‘Girl with a balloon’ goes under the hammer at Sotheby’s auction house, complete with its new title ‘Love is in the bin’ and an estimate of £4,000,000 – £6,000,000.

Originally the infamousness (we weren’t sure if that was an actual word, but apparently it is) was all based around the discussion of whether the 2018 ‘stunt’ was a real Banksy prank or something that Sotheby’s were aware was going to happen.

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Articulate Sage: The Business Behind Successful Artists

No one achieves success on their own. There are always highly skilled people behind the scenes helping… and Angela Parks is one of those people. Two years ago Angela realised her own dream and set up Articulate Sage, a business offering assistance and advice to creatives to help further their careers and achieve their goals.

Through her extensive knowledge and skill set, she has helped numerous artists and creatives realise their own dreams.

Today we spoke to Angela to find out more about her experience since leaving the corporate world…

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Artist Robs Museum And Calls It ‘Take The Money And Run’

The start of this story is a fairly standard one. Artist gets commissioned by a gallery to produce two paintings. In return, the artist gets paid. But the outcome of this arrangement had a very interesting twist, as the artist presented the gallery with two blank canvasses, kept the money and called it ‘Take the money and run’.

So who is the artist and why did they do it?

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A tribute to abstract artist Helen Lack

Today would have been Helen Lack’s birthday, but at 12.36am the same day, Helen sadly passed away after a lengthy battle with cancer.

We first met Helen at an art fair in London 4 years ago and since then, we have had the joy of watching her grow as an artist and seeing her work snapped up by collectors globally.

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We minted AND sold an NFT… this is what we learnt

The term NFT or Non Fungible Token was first brought to our attention in March of this year (although they’ve been around much longer than that) when an artist known as Beeple sold one for a whopping $69 million dollars. Since then more stories keep emerging of people making vast sums of money selling NFTs so, in the spirit of research, we decided to have a go at creating an NFT, to see if these streets really are paved with gold… this is what we learnt…

When we first found out about the Beeple sale we began an interesting journey with a steep learning curve. We were aware of cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin but had never really thought about entering this whole new world. The Beeple story changed all that.

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Artist’s 100 day challenge of left-handed sketches

For many artists, the Covid lockdowns had a huge negative impact. Exhibitions were cancelled, studios were closed and creativity was stifled. But one UK artist, Donna Poingdestre, decided to set herself a 100 day challenge to help keep those creative juices flowing.

We first found out about the project when Donna started posting images online and soon we found ourselves eagerly waiting for the next one, so we got in touch with Donna to find out more about the experience…

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Buying original artwork means more than just a painting – Original Artwork for Sale.

There’s something very special about owning an original artwork for sale. Firstly, it’s original; no one else in the entire world has it, just you. But for us, owning an original artwork is also much more than that.

The modern world feels like one big homogeneous factory where the same bland products are created by machines over and over again. As price and efficiency become more important, creativity and individuality are being lost. Art is a beautiful reaction against this, it’s a reminder that creativity does still exist. A creativity devoid of machines and computers, and a creativity where unique and original things are produced.

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Helen Lack: How my art has helped me cope with cancer

6 years ago, Helen Lack innocently picked up a leaflet that took her on an incredible artistic journey. A journey that has seen her work showcased around the world. Her stunning abstract paintings are full of emotion and have become, not only a visual diary but have given Helen a strength and focus during the last 18 months since she was sadly diagnosed with triple negative breast cancer.

We recently had the wonderful opportunity to chat with Helen to discuss her journey and find out how art has played such an important role…

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UK government cuts arts funding in half

In a shocking announcement this week, the education secretary, Gavin Williamson revealed his plans to cut arts funding by 50% for creative courses throughout England. The money saved, which is approximately £20 million will be invested into the sciences, technology and engineering.

As you can imagine we are not impressed and this move clearly reveals the lack of importance the government believes the arts play in the UK economy… and we are not alone in our disdain. The organisation ‘The public Campaign for the Arts’ immediately set up a petition against these cuts and warned that this move could lead to not only closures of arts related courses but the closure of certain Universities.

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In the spotlight with Roy Tyson aka Roy’s People

Sometimes life deals you a curve ball that turns out to be the best thing that could have happened. That’s certainly the case for Roy Tyson, whose miniature figures collectively known as Roy’s People have captured the attention of people all over the world. We caught up with Roy to find out more about his wonderful creations and creative journey…

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Unity Paint Jam – 19 artists, 6 hours, 5 locations… 1 live feed

During lockdown many artists have struggled with the effects of isolation. With exhibitions and galleries closed, artists lost the opportunity to work and interact with fellow creatives. The Unity Paint Jam, which took place on Saturday 19th July, was a much needed respite, allowing 19 artists from five locations to finally paint together (socially distanced of course).

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My Dog Sighs Installation Invites You to Come ‘Inside’

Over the last 12 months, acclaimed street artist My Dog Sighs (MDS) has been feverishly working on something very special. Something he describes as his ‘most ambitious project to date’… an immersive installation titled ‘Inside – We Shelter Here Sometimes’.

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Artists, don’t be a David. Protect your copyright with Pixsy

Copyright infringement is an artists nightmare. As creators we spill blood sweat and tears producing work, only to find someone has used it without consent or payment and at that point it can suddenly feel like a David versus Goliath battle.

In the last two months alone we’ve written three articles all connected to copyright infringement. The latest featured Italian artist Alessia Babrow who found the Vatican had used her work without permission.

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Elon Musk seeks artists to paint Tesla Gigafactory for FREE

Back in February 2021, Tesla billionaire, Elon Musk, tweeted drone footage of his new Gigafactory in Berlin. Underneath he wrote, ‘it will be filled with graffiti art’.

At the time many thought it was simply a joke but on 26th May the official Tesla twitter feed announced, “If you want to help cover Giga Berlin in awesome graffiti art, send us your work at [email protected]” sparking a flurry of responses and ideas from people all over the world.

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Vatican sued for copyright violation by Italian street artist

In 2019, Rome based street artist Alessia Babrow decided to stick her image of Christ to a bridge near the Vatican. One year later the exact same image appeared on a set of postage stamps issued for purchase by the Vatican. As a result, Alessia is now suing the Vatican for using her artwork without consent aka copyright violation.

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Lexus learns a lesson from My Dog Sighs & SNUB23

Yesterday, Lexus, the luxury car company, found there recent advertising campaign gained quite a bit of attention. Sadly, it was for all the wrong reasons.

9 days ago we wrote an article looking at a court case filed by artists Logan Hicks and Joe Lurato against celeb chef Salt Bae for unlawful use of their artwork. In the article we wrote the line “Sadly, and more common than you may realise, making a living is made even harder when an artist’s work is used without consent and without the appropriate payment”.

Well only 9 days later it looks like Lexus have tried a similar trick, this time with work by My Dog Sighs and SNUB23.

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Get Creative with The Korp Academy

Back in March 2020 just as the world as we know it closed its doors, we showcased 5 online art classes. The first one on the list was The Korp Academy run by Kaine Kulczak better know as Korp.

Since then his online live tutorials have continued to inspire people of all ages, so we figured it was about time we found out more about the Academy and the creator himself…

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Will Salt Bae get his just desserts as artists sue for $5m?

Forging a career in the artworld is no walk in the park. It takes hard work, commitment and bucket loads of self-belief. Sadly, and more common than you may realise, making a living is made even harder when an artist’s work is used without consent and without the appropriate payment. On 13th April 2021, two artists decided to file a $5 million law suit against the self-proclaimed celeb chef ‘Salt Bae’ for illegally using their work on all manner of promotional goods.

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The Background Bob Project’s back for round 2!

Before we had time to put our pens down and our wallets away, Nathan, Noah (aka Background Bob) and Co announced the return of The Background Bob Project, much to the excitement of artists who missed out first time round.

Now if you’ve only just heard of this wonderful art project, here’s a very quick recap:

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We ask the $69m question… what the F!@K is an NFT?

Before March 11th had you heard of an artist called Beeple? We hadn’t. But for Mark Winkelmann aka Beeple, March 11th became a pretty significant date. It was the day a piece of his digital art (aka an NFT) sold at Christie’s for a whopping $69 MILLION.

A bit like Beeple, before that date we hadn’t heard of NFT’s either but since then the term has continuously popped up on our social feeds, with some pro NFTs and some against.

So, today we thought we’d take a look at what exactly NFT’s are and try and figure out if this is just some over hyped bubble or the start of something big.

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Olyvia Kwok, Art Investor: Predictions For The Art World

Until now all our articles have been researched and written in-house. But today we would like to welcome Meghan Taylor who sent us an article based on her conversation with art investment guru Olyvia Kwok. Meghan asked if we might be interested in publishing it and we of course said yes… so over to you Meghan…

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Background Bob Art Auction smashes £50,000 target

At 6pm yesterday, after 7 days of frantic bidding, the Background Bob Art Auction came to an end.

When we wrote about the Background Bob art auction on 6th February, Background Bob’s dad, Nathan told us, “it would be incredible if the grand total including book sales broke £50,000”…

Well it did just a little better than that!

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In the spotlight with Jamie Paul Scanlon aka JPS

Jamie Paul Scanlon aka JPS is one of those annoyingly great artists (in a good way of course). Whether it’s a genius tongue-in-cheek pun or the perfect placement, his work constantly makes you ask the question ‘why didn’t I think of that’? As a result, he’s gained a large loyal following due to his work continually going viral.

His road to success hasn’t been an easy one but fortunately his strength and determination has culminated in a classic ‘boy done good’ story.

We got in touch with JPS for a chat to find out more about him and his work…

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Who will take 1st place in the John Moores Painting Prize?

On 4th March 2021 one lucky artist will be announced as the winner of the John Moores Painting Prize 2020, named after Sir John Moore who established the competition in 1957.

Not only will they take home £25,000 but will also have the honour of joining other great winners such as David Hockney, Peter Doig and patron of the prize, Sir Peter Blake.

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Sky Arts launches street art mural competition

Back in November 2019 we wrote about a stolen Banksy sculpture known as ‘The Drinker’. The ‘heist’ was documented in a subversive documentary titled ‘The Banksy Job’ which has recently been added to Sky Arts. In conjunction with its release, Sky has now launched an exciting mural competition encouraging families to release their inner Banksy and design their very own piece of street art.

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Bid in Background Bob Auction and help break £50,000

The Background Bob Project is truly a feel good story. A feel good story that we’ve had the pleasure of following for the last seven months.

Back in May 2020, we spoke to Nathan Jones about the project involving his son Noah, aka Background Bob, and covered it in our story ‘Background Bob art project becomes a positive global movement’. If you aren’t familiar with the project we highly recommend you read it.

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My Dog Sighs teams up with luxury watch maker Tribus

From the simple idea of leaving free art for people to find, My Dog Sighs has gone on to create everything from large scale murals to detailed faces on cans, had sell out shows globally and become one of the leading figures in the street art world. In his latest creative venture, he’s teamed up with luxury watch maker Tribus to produce 50 uniquely hand painted time pieces.

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Be a part of The Great Big Art Exhibition and get creative

Before we got involved with the amazing Background Bob project we’d never heard of the Firstsite Gallery in Colchester (shame on us). But this stunning art gallery was brought to our attention when the project and all of its wonderful artworks were exhibited there under the title ‘Background Bob and his amazing friends’. Now Firstsite have just launched The Great Big Art Exhibition and are encouraging us all to get involved.

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US-Mexico border See Saw wins ‘Design of the Year award’

Way back in November 2019 we wrote an article about propaganda which included a simple, yet thought provoking, see saw. But why would a see saw be thought provoking, we hear you ask? Well because this particular one spanned the US/Mexico border wall, allowing kids either side to interactive with one another…

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Art legend Futura takes on clothing giant The North Face

Cited as the ‘King of Graffiti’, Futura (formerly known as Futura 2000) is a legend and he’s certainly come a long way from illegally painting NYC subway trains back in the 70’s. His work has been seen everywhere, from subway trains, buildings, art galleries, album covers to the topic of today’s article… clothing.

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In the spotlight with Keith Hopewell aka SP:Zero

It’s been a while since our last ‘In the spotlight’ interview (August 2020 with Silent Bill to be precise) but we thought we’d start 2021 with a bang.

We have admired the incredible illustrative work of Keith Hopewell aka SP:Zero for a long time. Today we finally managed to drag him away from his busy schedule and fire some questions at him about his work…

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The 7 most valuable lost or stolen paintings… ever!

Last week we wrote about Samsung’s new virtual exhibition involving 12 lost and stolen paintings. The idea was to create a community that together may help to recover the missing works of art.

As a result of our article we were contacted by marketing firm Screamingfrog, who informed us of another virtual gallery of stolen paintings, this time created by packing and removal specialists Pack & Send.

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Missing Masterpieces: The World’s Most Wanted Art Exhibition

Our usual strategy for writing an article is to endlessly trawl the internet until we stumble upon something of interest. Then it’s onto fact checking, interviewing those involved etc. What’s nice about this piece of art news, like our previous Lushsux documentary article, is that it fell into our lap (well our email to be precise).

The email announced that on Thursday 12th November, Samsung launched their ‘Missing Masterpieces’ exhibition. A virtual collection of 12 of the world’s most iconic and intriguing lost artworks by artists such as Van Gogh, Cézanne, and Monet.

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Lushsux: ‘Meme Streets’ documentary out now

Back in May we wrote an article about Australian street artist Lushsux. At the time he was busy mashing up 50 Cent with other iconic figures such as Taylor Swift, Donald Trump and Post Malone.

Since the article, Lushsux certainly hasn’t slowed down. His work is continuously posted on social media and now a 4-part Lushsux documentary has been launched via IGTV and Vimeo.

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Background Bob exhibition: A heart-warming, must see show

Back in May we wrote an article about the Background Bob project. A simple heart warming father and son art project that soon involved 100s of artists from all over the world. In September the project became a beautiful book titled ‘Background Bob and his amazing friends’, featuring all of the incredible artwork. This month the project became the Background Bob exhibition at the Firstsite Gallery in Colchester.

On Wednesday we took a 2 hour trip down to the wonderful gallery to check out the exhibition for ourselves.

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C73 turns the table on CreativeFolk with in-depth interview

If you’ve been following our articles, you’ll know it’s normally us that does the interviewing but a couple of weeks ago the tables got turned. UK artist Darren Chaplin, aka C73, asked if we’d be interested in talking about all things art and CreativeFolk for his YouTube channel, so of course we said yes.

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Background Bob book launch celebrates participating artists

We think it’s fair to say lockdown sucked. But during this frustrating time there have been some wonderful, heart-warming stories including the one we became involved in back in May.

If you aren’t familiar with the ‘Background Bob’ art project we highly recommend you read our article ‘Background Bob art project becomes a positive global movement’ to find out just how wonderful it is.

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Banksy’s rescue boat highlights shameful reaction to refugee crisis

Initially, when the news broke about Banksy’s rescue boat the ‘Louise Michel’, we thought “ooh here’s a great art related story we can write about”.

But whilst watching BBC news talk about it, it occurred to us the story isn’t about Banksy and his new boat. It’s about how insane it is that, as human beings, we are doing very little to help these fellow humans escape the terror they are trying to flee.

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5 reasons why you should buy art prints from CreativeFolk?

A quick search on Google reveals a wide variety of options for someone looking to buy art prints. So how do you decide? Now, obviously you need to find that perfect piece of art for your home but how do you know what the quality is like? Do they charge postage on top of the shown price? What happens if you change your mind once you’ve received it?

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How do artists price their artwork?

Over the last few weeks, the question of how do artists price their artwork has been asked enough to make us think it’s a worthy discussion… and It’s a question that quite honestly puts fear and dread into most artists including successful ones.

Price too high and the work won’t sell, price too low and buyers may view your work as cheap and amateurish, plus you may actually lose money and create an unviable business.

Today we thought we’d look into the tricky subject of pricing your art and ask some successful artists how they price their artwork.

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Art Critics – Don’t take their word as gospel

Art Critics wield the power to make or break an artist’s career. Collectors and gallery owners hang off every word they say, but why?

Why should one person’s opinion hold such authority? Especially as these self-titled ‘specialists’ have got it wrong so many times.

Today we thought we’d air our opinions on these so-called experts, and it all began with an episode of Masterchef…

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Are artists simply virtue signalling?

2020 seems to be quite the year of historical events, and we’re only in June.

First Coronavirus, and then the tragic death of George Floyd. Both of these major events had something in common… it divided people.

It seems sad to us that this could happen. That these two monumentous (which apparently still isn’t officially a real word but should be) incidents would result in divided camps rather than unite us.

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Background Bob art project becomes a positive global movement

Sometimes the simplest ideas are the ones that become something special. This is one of those ideas and it all began on April 28th 2020, with a dad trying to entertain his son during lockdown.

During these strange and bizarre times, parents across the country have all been in a similar position… what do we do with the kids to keep them occupied and out of mischief?

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In the spotlight with Raffaella Bertolini

Over the last few months we’ve chatted to the likes of Blek Le Rat, My Dog Sighs and Mason Storm. Today we got the opportunity to fire some questions at the wonderfully talented Raffaella Bertolini.

Always pushing herself and experimenting, mainly on female portraits, Raffaella creates stunning, exciting artworks using a wide variety of mediums.

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Cheltenham Paint Festival goes virtual during lockdown

Last year, CreativeFolk artist Paul Kneen, was kindly invited to participate in the Cheltenham Paint Festival 2019. The event showcases stunning street art from some of the best artists around, attracting visitors from all over the world.

Due to the current crisis we find ourselves in, organised events, such as this, have sadly been cancelled and much of the funding available cut. This hasn’t deterred, Cheltenham Paint Festival organiser and artist, Andy ‘Dice’ Davies, from putting on a wonderful ‘virtual’ version of the event via social media.

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Release your inner artist and get creative with your loo roll

In a recent article we discussed how artists have reacted to the Coronavirus pandemic through their art. Some of the pieces mentioned were in response to the absurd hoarding of loo roll.

A couple of weeks ago, we were invited to join a group called ‘bog roll arts’ which, as you can imagine, intrigued us. Then yesterday we spotted an article on the BBC news website about something called the #pinkfootloorollchallenge.

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Our 5 favourite album art covers created by famous artists

The recent release of The Strokes new album ‘The New Abnormal’ features a small portion of Jean-Michel Basquiat’s larger painting ‘bird on money’ as the album artwork. This got us researching what other album covers feature artwork produced by famous artists. So, here’s our top 5 favourite album art covers…

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Artists respond to the crisis with Coronavirus art

From soapbox preachers, to public protests, the streets have always been a place to share opinions. With the current virus pandemic we are all facing, street artists are using the urban landscape to express their views on the Coronavirus through art.

Today we thought we’d share some of these wonderful thought-provoking artworks…

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Original art should be affordable for all

Have you ever wandered past a gallery and something in the window catches your eye? You walk back and admire the stunning artwork, gazing at it longingly. You picture it in your home, imagining the joy it will give, and then finally, you move your eyes to the price tag… you recoil in horror, questioning how they can justify such a ludicrous amount.

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5 online art classes to get those creative juices flowing

There’s no denying it. We are living in very strange times. Covid-19 aka Coronavirus is affecting us all. As we slowly begin to adapt to this new normal, we need to find ways of keeping creative.

So with that in mind we thought it would be a great idea to share with you 5 talented creatives that are sharing their skills and knowledge through online art classes…

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In the spotlight with Blek Le Rat

Xavier Prou aka Blek Le Rat is something of a legend in the street art scene. Hailed as the godfather of stencilism, with icons such as Banksy stating they were heavily influenced by him, Blek has been leaving his stenciled work in the streets for over 30 years.

Today we were privileged to ask the master a few questions…

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Has the art world gone bananas?

We’re pretty confident the title of this article is a big clue to the topic. It’s been the talk of the art world and discussed all over social media; even making front cover news of magazines… so what are we talking about? Well the infamous duct taped banana of course.

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Propaganda Art – It’s time we had a Proper Gander

“Propaganda is as powerful as heroin; it surreptitiously dissolves all capacity to think”.
GIL COURTEMANCHE, A Sunday at the Pool in Kigali

We are living in a mist and maze of misinformation and are starting to lose sight of what is true. If we assume the idea that propaganda is biased. That it sells you a lie. Then propaganda is everywhere.

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Is Sotherby’s about to sell a stolen Banksy Sculpture?

It’s funny what can happen when you start walking through metaphorical doors that present themselves. It all began with our devolved parliament article… which led to our mysterious Banksy article and now this… a story of an original Banksy sculpture, a dispute over ownership and a possible illegal auction at Sotherby’s that could be worth in excess of £1m.

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Was the original Banksy stabbed in the back?

If you’ve been reading our recent CreativeFolk articles, you know it’s been an interesting time. It’s based around a theory that everything we thought we knew about Banksy is wrong. That the original Banksy who started out years ago creating stencils in and around Bristol, was pushed aside in the name of greed.

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In the spotlight with Mason Storm

Shy, modest, and introverted are words you wouldn’t associate with today’s spotlight artist Mason Storm.

He was recently splashed across the pages of the Mail on Sunday due to an article we wrote, linking him to the £10m Banksy painting ‘Devolved Parliament’. Today the balaclava-clad, larger-than-life artist kindly spent some time answering our questions…

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Should art be an investment?

Let’s be honest, we would all love for a piece of art we own to become so sought after that it rockets in price and makes us rich.

In 2017, ‘Salvator Mundi’, by Leonardo da Vinci sold for a mind blowing $450 million. Just 59 years earlier, In 1958, the same painting changed hands for just $60. By any one’s standards, that’s an incredible rise in price.

Now if course there are certain artists who’s fame almost guarantees their artworks will continue to rise in value. Works by the following famous artists are in the top 5 of the most expensive paintings ever sold:

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Who really painted Banksy’s Devolved Parliament?

There are vast amounts of press stories regarding Banksy’s 2009 painting ‘Devolved Parliament’ at the moment. Why? Well because on 28th September 2019, London’s famous auction house, Sotheby’s will be putting it on display… until, it goes under the hammer on October 3rd, with an expected price tag of around £1.5m.

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Cheltenham Paint Festival 2019

In December 2016. a chance conversation between artist Andy ‘Dice’ Davies and art enthusiast Angela Parks resulted in the first Cheltenham Paint Festival taking place the following year.

Since then the festival has continued to grow in size and popularity, with artists from the UK and across the globe including legends such as DANK, My Dog Sighs and INKIE, flocking to the beautiful Regency town of Cheltenham, to show off their skills.

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In the spotlight with Iva Troj

Having grown up in the last decade of communist ruled Eastern Europe, award winning artist Iva Troj uses her incredible talent to figure out and discuss the world she now lives in.

Working from her studio in Brighton, Iva is busy preparing new pieces for a show in LA and is about to launch an exciting art platform ‘Contemporary Beast’ with FLUX exhibition founder Lisa Gray.

We caught up with Iva recently to find out what inspires, frustrates and excites her as an artist…

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Who is Greta Thunberg?

Art is usually our topic for discussion, but today we’ve changed it up to talk about an inspirational young woman.

When you think of 16-year-olds – you think of angst ridden, phone-staring zombies, who are still trying to figure out who they are and what they want to be.

Greta Thunberg does not fit into this stereotype. Taking the world by storm, Greta has taken it upon herself to open the eyes of politicians and world leaders on the topic of climate change.

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Social commentary art – commenting on the world we live in

Art. What is it? Is it just something ‘pretty’ hanging on your wall? Or, can art be more than that?

For many artists, art is their soapbox. It’s their mouthpiece to voice how they feel about their world. Their work shouts, and even screams, about the unjust absurdities that occur. These artists become the unsung heroes of the voiceless, hoping the world will sit up and take notice of what is really going on.

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Is creativity the better prescription for your mental well-being?

Twice the amount of prescription medication is now being taken here in Britain, compared to a decade ago. Around 29 million prescriptions were given out in 2017, according to ITV documentary ‘Britain on Painkillers’. This situation is also prevalent in America, with these same drugs being the leading cause of overdoses. But what if there’s another way? We’ll come to that further on.

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The biggest threat to polar bears is us

The majestic polar bear has sadly found its way onto the endangered species list. According to the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF), this animal is classed as vulnerable to extinction.

At one time the biggest threat to polar bears was us, and it still is – but now for very different reasons. In the past we hunted them illegally for food, fur and sport. Today, conservationists are concerned about the massive impact on these creatures from the effects of human industrialisation and pollution resulting in climate change.

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Appropriation in art – is it appropriate, or stealing?

It was once said “talent creates, genius steals”. But who said this, we aren’t 100 per cent sure. A quick Google search informs us that it could have been Oscar Wilde, T.S Elliot or even Picasso. To be honest though, it doesn’t really matter. What matters is the question of whether using someone else’s imagery, logo or trademark is considered ‘theft’ – or is there just cause behind the appropriation of others’ work?

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Giclee prints – are they better than standard digital prints?

Visit any art-related website or gallery and you will undoubtedly see the term ‘giclee’.

In this article we will explain all about giclee prints, as well as looking briefly at the history of printing. We explore who was behind the invention of giclee printing, and why artists and galleries choose giclee over standard digital prints.

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Has Banksy struck again, this time in Venice during the biennale?

As thousands of visitors descend on Venice for the latest biennale, a lonely life-jacket wearing child can be seen holding a flare aloft. The stencil certainly has all the hallmarks of a ‘Banksy’ but nothing has yet been confirmed. In fact, if you scour the pages of Google very little is mentioned about this piece… for now.

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Conservation art – the art of creating awareness

Just to be clear, this article looks at artists and companies that have dedicated themselves to the cause of animal conservation. We won’t be discussing the highly skilled practice that is art conservation.

Ok, now that’s cleared up – let’s look at some wonderful artists, companies and foundations which have made it their mission to remind us we need to learn to share this planet of ours with everything else that lives on it.

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