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3D from Massive Attack raises over £100K for BFU

Robert Del Naja, aka 3D, is probably most well known as a member of Bristol band Massive Attack. What you might not know is that he’s also a prolific artist, and the man behind a lot of the artwork for the band’s album covers.  

Massive Attack 'Splitting the Atom' album artwork by Robert Del Naja
Massive Attack ‘Splitting the Atom’ album artwork by Robert Del Naja

Before Massive Attack, 3D was a well-known, and respected graffiti artist. He’s even been accused of being the secretive and yet highly famous Banksy.

During the current Coronavirus lockdown, 3D created a stunning limited-edition screen print titled ‘Protection’ which sold over 1,000 copies in just 10 days.

The campaign #feedthefrontline, which features on the artwork, raised more than £100,000 in aid of the Bristol Food Union (BFU), a group of restaurants and community organisations that have been distributing food parcels to those in need.

Protection artwork by Massive Attack member Robert Del Naja
‘Protection’ raised over £100,000 in just 10 days

In various interviews, Del Naja has spoken openly regarding his concern for charities such as this. In an article with The Guardian he said, “I’m very aware that public charity contributions are not a solution to this problem”. He also stated things need to change, that it shouldn’t be down to the public to keep organisations such these running. It should be the responsibility of Government…

“If we’re talking blue-sky solutions, I’d love to see the introduction of universal basic income, so that everyone can afford to eat and put money back into this consumer society we’re all part of.”

As well as creating the sell-out screen print, Del Naja has also been pulling up his sleeves and working with the charity to help produce food for front line workers and those in need.

The Covid-19 outbreak has put huge pressure and demand on foodbanks and charities as more people struggle to make ends meet. The kind gesture of 3D has helped the Bristol Food Union to continue their charitable work.

In a recent Instagram post from BFU they stated the money raised will help keep them going for a further 6 weeks…

…but what happens then?  The BFU, in order to survive, have set up a crowd funder campaign which will hopefully enable them to continue the great work they are doing.

What this crisis has revealed, we believe, is there are many kind hearted people, like Robert Del Naja, who have stepped up to help.

Sadly, it seems to have also revealed an incredibly fragile system that can’t cope when something negative, such as the Coronavirus, occurs.

To find out more about the Bristol Food Union, visit their website www.bristolfoodunion.org

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