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50 Cent is being hilariously targeted by Artist Lushsux

50 Cent, the infamous hip hop icon has never been one to shy away from trolling folk, but it might be that he’s currently getting a taste of his own medicine… and it appears he’s not too happy.

Over the last few days, Australian Street Artist, Lushsux has been on a one-man spraying campaign, covering walls with huge spray-painted versions of 50 Cent portrayed as other famous people.

Initially, it seems the rapper was mildly amused by the artwork, but as more pieces have emerged, the smile has clearly disappeared.

50 Cent is not amused, but we are

On his Instagram page, 50 Cent (real name Curtis James Jackson III) has made his opinions very clear, “This is some bullshit man, but how the hell is he doing it so fast […] alright he’s talented, but why the f**k he pick me.”

According to an article on the Daily Mail website, this obsession with 50 Cent stretches back to 2018 when Lushsux revealed the hip-hop artist as fellow rapper Tekashi69.

50 Cent painted as Tekashi69 by Lushsux
50 Cent painted as Tekashi69 by Lushsux

He then followed this up with a Post Malone and Donald Trump version…

50 Cent as both Post Malone and Donald Trump
50 Cent as both Post Malone and Donald Trump

But then, more recently, Lushsux seems to have stepped it up a gear with new versions featuring Chairman Mao, Oprah Winfrey and our favourite, which was revealed last Thursday… Taylor Swift or Swifty Cent as it’s now known!

Watch Lushsux working on Swifty Cent in the video below:

Lushsux is certainly aware of 50 Cent’s irritation, commenting that maybe he needs to wear a motorcycle helmet when spraying from now on.

The Melbourne based artist seems to relish controversy, and of course the limelight that goes with it.

In 2016 he painted a mural of Hilary Clinton in an American flag swimsuit and then followed this up with a topless artwork of Melania Trump.

Hilary Clinton mural by Lushsux
Hilary Clinton mural by Lushsux

He was also one of the participants of Banksy’s 2015 exhibition, ‘Dismaland’, in Weston-Super-Mare.

Is this just attention seeking, genius or both?

There’s a part of us that feels like this is just a desperate attempt for attention, but, that said, it’s clearly working. Social media, blogs and websites are all picking up on the story. Another part of us wonders if this is just one big marketing plan cooked up by the pair of them?

No-one apart from Lushsux seems sure as to what the motivation is behind the work. Maybe he is trying to put the famous rapper back in his place, or maybe it’s simply a wonderful PR stunt for both artists. Either way, it is still highly entertaining.

In this age of likes and followers, it seems that people will do pretty much anything, or at least have to do something, that stands out from the crowd to be noticed and Lushsux seems to have achieved this.

With 50 Cent’s continued annoyance only encouraging Lushsux, there seems to be no slowing the artist down. But then why would he, when 50 Cent keeps giving him free publicity via his Instagram account?

For some reason, the phrase ‘adding fuel to the fire’ springs to mind ?.

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