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Artists respond to the crisis with Coronavirus art

From soapbox preachers, to public protests, the streets have always been a place to share opinions. With the current virus pandemic we are all facing, street artists are using the urban landscape to express their views on the Coronavirus through art.

Today we thought we’d share some of these wonderful thought-provoking artworks…

Whether you catch the virus or not, the measures taken by governments al over the world have had a huge impact on our daily lives. Most businesses have closed, schools are shut, and we now find ourselves in isolation, wondering when will this be over.

One of the strangest reactions to this outbreak, and one I’m sure no one could have predicted, was the panic buying of toilet roll.

A German street artist who goes by the name of Eme Freethinker, sums this up perfectly using Gollum from Lord of the Rings. This clever use of the ring obsessed character replaces the traditional ring with a loo roll. Such a simple but very effective way of getting their point across.

German street art depicts Golem staring longingly at a toilet roll
German street art depicts Gollum staring longingly at a toilet roll

Again, on the topic of toilet roll, and with the supermarket shelves empty of this highly desirable commodity, another artist this time, uses the idea of a dodgy character selling loo roll on the black market…

A street artist portrays a  dodgy character selling toilet roll
A street artist portrays a dodgy character selling toilet roll

Here in the UK, one of the biggest effects, we believe, this crisis has had is the realisation of just how important the NHS is, and what an incredible job everyone who works for it does. Whilst we sit at home, scrolling endlessly through Netflix, the amazing staff of the NHS are continuously battling with this pandemic.

Many street artists have taken this topic to the streets, portraying the NHS staff as heroes – and rightly so.

British artist Rachel List has done this quite literally with an artwork of a nurse who has painted the NHS logo, replacing the S with the Superman emblem…

Rachel List expresses her opinion of the NHS with this wonderful painting
Rachel List expresses her opinion of the NHS with this wonderful painting

Dutch artist FAKE also incorporated the Superman emblem in this iconic stencil of nurse…

FAKE’s stunning stencil expressing his respect for key workers throughout the world

The coronavirus has impacted us all and artists from all over the world have been using their skills on the streets to publicly express their opinions.

In France, the amazing C215 created this beautiful image of a couple embracing one another wearing face masks:

C215 depicts a loving couple wearing face masks
C215 depicts a loving couple wearing face masks

Phenomenal Russian artist Lora Zombie produced this very apt piece of art entitled ‘The Hermit’…

'The Hermit', by Lora Zombie
‘The Hermit’, by Lora Zombie

And in the UK, Gnasher created a subtly tongue-in-cheek piece using the iconic Breaking Bad character, Walter White, holding a bottle of Corona…

Gnasher's stunning piece based on Breaking Bad character Walter White
Gnasher’s stunning piece based on Breaking Bad character Walter White

We love how these artists have reacted to this current tragedy.

The Coronavirus art we’ve shown is just a small selection of the work that’s been produced around the world by many talented artists, and although no one knows what the future will be like, there will always be artists out there portraying their views and opinions on world events.

Stay safe, and let’s hope this current ‘normal’ ends soon for everyone.

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3 thoughts on “Artists respond to the crisis with Coronavirus art

  1. Dear sir or madam I am UK based artist from the West Country I do love of your gallery the Range artwork is quite a mesmerizing and what else is can do do I like you you all my shows have been put on hold but I’m still like your artist creating to work it’s been a change for everybody and I think I was so important for mental health for wellbeing and many other issues I am myself I’m severely dyslexic autistic so it has been a challenging times sorry for the poor grammar kind regards Mark

    1. Hi Mark,

      Thanks so much for your comment. We totally understand and appreciate what a difficult time this is for everyone, including artists with exhibitions and galleries cancelling their plans. Thank-you so much for your positive opinion of the work we are producing it means a lot and we 100% agree how important creating art is for our mental health and wellbeing. Fingers crossed we will all be out of this as soon as possible. We hope you’re doing ok Mark and thanks again for taking the time to get in contact.

      Kind regards

      Paul & The CreativeFolk Team

      PS: No need to apologise for the grammar 🙂

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