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We minted AND sold an NFT… this is what we learnt

The term NFT or Non Fungible Token was first brought to our attention in March of this year (although they’ve been around much longer than that) when an artist known as Beeple sold one for a whopping $69 million dollars. Since then more stories keep emerging of people making vast sums of money selling NFTs so, in the spirit of research, we decided to have a go at creating an NFT, to see if these streets really are paved with gold… this is what we learnt…

When we first found out about the Beeple sale we began an interesting journey with a steep learning curve. We were aware of cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin but had never really thought about entering this whole new world. The Beeple story changed all that.

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We ask the $69m question… what the F!@K is an NFT?

Before March 11th had you heard of an artist called Beeple? We hadn’t. But for Mark Winkelmann aka Beeple, March 11th became a pretty significant date. It was the day a piece of his digital art (aka an NFT) sold at Christie’s for a whopping $69 MILLION.

A bit like Beeple, before that date we hadn’t heard of NFT’s either but since then the term has continuously popped up on our social feeds, with some pro NFTs and some against.

So, today we thought we’d take a look at what exactly NFT’s are and try and figure out if this is just some over hyped bubble or the start of something big.

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