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5 reasons why you should buy art prints from CreativeFolk?

A quick search on Google reveals a wide variety of options for someone looking to buy art prints. So how do you decide? Now, obviously you need to find that perfect piece of art for your home but how do you know what the quality is like? Do they charge postage on top of the shown price? What happens if you change your mind once you’ve received it?

Today we thought we’d put our case forward to convince you that CreativeFolk is THE place to buy art prints.

Reason 1: Quality

Right from the start, we wanted to ensure that we deliver products that match the expensive art prints from high end galleries. We use the same acid free 310gsm paper that they use. When you receive your print you’ll immediately be able to feel the quality, the thickness and texture of the paper, and because it’s acid free it means it will never deteriorate or fade over time.

Just like our paper, the inks we use to create the art prints are the same as the high end art galleries. Referred to as Giclee inks, (check out our article ‘Giclee inks – are they better than standard digital inks?‘) they are specially designed to reproduce original works of art at the highest standard.

Reason 2: Affordability

You might think that because we use the same quality paper and inks as the high end galleries that our prices would be just as expensive… but they’re not and we’ll explain why.

The art market is a strange place, and in our humble opinion a place that can be ludicrously overpriced. We understand that as an artist becomes popular and sought after that their prices rise accordingly – that’s simple economics. But, many galleries and online stores are offering unknown artists work for vast sums of money.

Have you ever walked past an art gallery, noticed the price tag and wondered why or how they can charge that amount of money? We certainly have. You see, within the art market there is the idea that if something is on sale for large sums then it must be good.

Here at CreativeFolk, we disagree. We believe art should be for everyone and at fair prices we can all afford. That’s why you can buy art prints from CreativeFolk at the same standard as expensive galleries for less than £30.

Reason 3: Delivery

Many galleries charge you for delivery. We don’t. We want to keep it as simple as possible. So, if you live in the UK all our art prints come with free postage, so the price you see on our site is the price you pay.

Reason 4: Our returns policy

We know it can be tricky to make decision when purchasing art. That’s why we decided to take the pressure off with our returns policy. So no matter what reason is, if within 30 days, you change your mind, we can either swap it for another print, or give you a full refund. You can read more about our returns policy on our FAQ page.

Reason 5: Don’t take our word for it…

It’s very easy for us to tell you how great and wonderful we think we are but then we’re bound to say that aren’t we? For us the proof comes from the lovely reviews we’ve had.

Just one of our positive Google reviews

One of the recurring comments we get is regarding communication, something we believe is important. We will always keep you informed with your order and once in the post we will let you know the tracking number and expected delivery date… and as soon as we know you’ve got it we’ll be in touch to ensure you’re happy.

Another satisfied customer

We want to do things better…

CreativeFolk was born out of frustration. Frustration from art lovers and frustration from artists. We want to create a place where our customers can feel confident in buying wonderful gallery standard art prints at fair prices, and a place where artists can offer their works of art knowing that we are doing everything we can to help them find the people that want them.

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