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There are a variety of places to buy art online, but we believe many of them are overpriced. So today we thought we’d explain why CreativeFolk is different, and the reason is simple; we offer affordable art online. The key word being affordable.

When most of us think of art, we picture intimidating high end art galleries and art auction houses selling works for thousands, if not millions and you’d be right. You see the art world wants you to think of art in that way. They want to keep it as an exclusive club only available for the rich.

Many picture intimidating expensive galleries such as this when thinking of art

The reality though, is we all love art. We all want to adorn our walls with beautiful artworks… and why shouldn’t we?

CreativeFolk was born out of this frustration. We don’t believe everyone wants to go to places like Ikea and buy the same things everyone else does. We want to offer original art and prints without it breaking the bank.

We also want to create a place where other artists can showcase their beautiful artwork. A place where they aren’t charged a monthly fee, set up costs and charges for every piece added to the site.

A place where they feel looked after.

As artists, we’ve experienced trying to sell our work on other platforms, but as soon as they have your money it feels like you’re forgotten and for us this is unacceptable.

CreativeFolk is about showcasing incredible art at prices we can all afford, pure and simple.

Within the art world there seems to be a common belief that if something is valued at a high price then clearly it must be good? And if you don’t understand why the price is so high then you must be stupid.

For us, it feels like an ‘Emperor’s New Clothes’ situation where no one dare say or question for fear of ridicule and to be honest we’re fed up with it. There is no reason why great quality art shouldn’t be available to everyone at a fair price.

The stunning signed original art we offer is carefully selected giving you a varied and exciting range to choose from and all our prints are produced using the same high-quality paper and giclee inks the expensive galleries use.

Every artwork comes with a Certificate of Authenticity showing the piece, title, size, when it was bought and is signed by us. We even offer free UK postage that’s tracked and requires a signature for your piece of mind, something that many other galleries don’t offer.

So how is CreativeFolk able to offer affordable art online?

The simple answer is because we are offering it at a price we believe is fair. Fair to the customer and fair to the artist.

Of course, if an artist becomes popular and highly sought-after then simple economics dictates their work will go up in value but there are so many talented artists out there who don’t know how to market their work. Who need a platform that’s been created by other artists who not only understands them but understands the business side of being an artist… and that place is CreativeFolk.

For the art lover, it means the chance of owning exciting and original art from artists you might not get to see elsewhere.

Something unique, personal and individual that doesn’t cost the earth and surely that’s something we all should be able to have?

Check out our current range of original art and signed prints today! If you have any questions at all or would like to talk about a commission you can contact us by emailing [email protected]

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Our goal is to bring the most exciting, original art directly to you, without all the pompous nonsense that seems to surround the art world. We simply want to showcase, for you, what we believe is stunning art from very talented artists at a fair price.

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