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Super Star Ed Sheeran joins Background Bob 3 art project!

Yep you read that headline right. The world famous pop star Ed Sheeran, adored by millions all over the world is joining the latest, and final Background Bob art project, much to the excitement of everyone involved.

The news was announced on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter a couple of days ago via a short video from Ed Sheeran himself. Seen holding the previous two Background Bob books he thanks Background Bob and announces he’ll paint on the background he received as soon as he can. He finishes the video with the short statement ‘I love what you’re doing’.

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Are You Ready For The Background Bob 2 Auction?

It’s almost that time again when 250 lovely works of art go on auction for Background Bob 2. The first Background Bob raised a whopping £100,000 for charity and fingers crossed Background Bob 2 will be just as successful or even better!

We spoke to Background Bob’s dad, Nathan, to find out how things are going and to get some more details about the upcoming auction…

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The Background Bob Project’s back for round 2!

Before we had time to put our pens down and our wallets away, Nathan, Noah (aka Background Bob) and Co announced the return of The Background Bob Project, much to the excitement of artists who missed out first time round.

Now if you’ve only just heard of this wonderful art project, here’s a very quick recap:

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Background Bob Art Auction smashes £50,000 target

At 6pm yesterday, after 7 days of frantic bidding, the Background Bob Art Auction came to an end.

When we wrote about the Background Bob art auction on 6th February, Background Bob’s dad, Nathan told us, “it would be incredible if the grand total including book sales broke £50,000”…

Well it did just a little better than that!

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Bid in Background Bob Auction and help break £50,000

The Background Bob Project is truly a feel good story. A feel good story that we’ve had the pleasure of following for the last seven months.

Back in May 2020, we spoke to Nathan Jones about the project involving his son Noah, aka Background Bob, and covered it in our story ‘Background Bob art project becomes a positive global movement’. If you aren’t familiar with the project we highly recommend you read it.

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Background Bob exhibition: A heart-warming, must see show

Back in May we wrote an article about the Background Bob project. A simple heart warming father and son art project that soon involved 100s of artists from all over the world. In September the project became a beautiful book titled ‘Background Bob and his amazing friends’, featuring all of the incredible artwork. This month the project became the Background Bob exhibition at the Firstsite Gallery in Colchester.

On Wednesday we took a 2 hour trip down to the wonderful gallery to check out the exhibition for ourselves.

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Background Bob book launch celebrates participating artists

We think it’s fair to say lockdown sucked. But during this frustrating time there have been some wonderful, heart-warming stories including the one we became involved in back in May.

If you aren’t familiar with the ‘Background Bob’ art project we highly recommend you read our article ‘Background Bob art project becomes a positive global movement’ to find out just how wonderful it is.

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Background Bob art project becomes a positive global movement

Sometimes the simplest ideas are the ones that become something special. This is one of those ideas and it all began on April 28th 2020, with a dad trying to entertain his son during lockdown.

During these strange and bizarre times, parents across the country have all been in a similar position… what do we do with the kids to keep them occupied and out of mischief?

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