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Fiona McLauchlan-Hyde


Fiona McLauchlan-Hyde trained in Fine Art at Byam Shaw School of Art, London (now incorporated into Central St. Martins College of Arts and Design). Her father encouraged her to study graphics which led to a career in fashion, couture to be precise.

The sudden death of her husband in 2013 inadvertently encouraged her to pick up a paint brush again. As a from of grief therapy, Fiona began painting a place filled with happy memories – Melassani Lake, the cenote cave on the island of Kefalonia, Greece; a place she’s now painted dozens of times, each time with a different mood and a different aspect.

Fiona McLauchlan-Hyde is obsessed by light, the colours and how it changes depending on the time of day.

As Fiona explains, “It never disappoints me and it never ceases to amaze, I try to capture all those feelings in my paintings. When I paint, I feel all my emotions coming through, grief, anger, pain, love and more recently hope. I want all of that to show in the way I paint. These paintings are my therapy and a love letter to an island that means so much to me. I paint other subjects of course, but this series is closest to my heart”.

When you look closely at Fiona’s work, layer upon layer of different tones are revealed, that from a distance could just be mistaken for a single tone. She cleverly combines abstract with the smallest attention to detail, a touch of orange in an almost grey cliff that pulls it all together and gives it life.

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