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Sarah Perkins

Sarah Perkins

I’m fascinated by nature. Whenever I get the opportunity, I escape to the country, specifically the Lake District. When I’m surrounded by the imposing mountainous landscape it reminds me we’re just passing through and everything will continue once we’re gone.

I love getting lost on walks. We spend so much time getting from a to b that we forget to enjoy the journey in between. Sometimes these ‘lost moments’ of a journey are the times you see or experience the best parts of a walk.

With that in mind, I try to express the feelings these journeys evoke within my abstract landscapes.

I tend to start a painting with very little planned. I know it will be a landscape but that’s as much planning as I want at the beginning. Just like my walks in the Lake District, I want to get a little lost. I want unexpected things to reveal themselves as I paint, that’s when interesting and exciting things can happen.

As the painting develops I may start to see a river, lake or bridge begin to form and I can decide whether to continue with it or to keep working over it until something else emerges. Painting in this way gives me a certain freedom. A freedom that during our normal day to day lives doesn’t exist. It allows me to disappear into another world, one that I’m creating and I love that.

Although I’m a landscape painter at heart I have a huge appreciation for many art forms including graffiti. When I began incorporating spray paint into my work I quickly realised I had another medium to experiment with. I love the idea of bringing in something that is associated with the urban landscape and using it to recreate nature.

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