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Graeme Roe

Graeme Roe

With a background in Graphic Design, a passion for Punk Rock and a love for wildlife , Graeme Roe combines his three loves to produce vibrant paintings that overflow with energy.

Featuring all manner of wildlife, whether it’s birds, butterflies or bees, Graeme’s paintings exude movement and feeling in every piece of striking art. Rather than simply using traditional brushes, Graeme experiments with a variety of household items resulting in exciting mark making incorporated within the work.

As Graeme explains, “ Experimenting with acrylics, inks, house paints, pours and typography is all part of my learning and realising its not just brushes that make marks, so does wire wool, sandpaper, sponges, and even loofers, if it looks right, it is. There are so many great diverse artists out there you can never not be inspired to try things in a different way.”

We love Graeme’s ‘punk’ attitude and approach to his work. This attitude, combined with his Graphic Design knowledge culminates in paintings brimming with colour, movement and style.

We are very proud to have Graeme Roe as part of the Creative Folk Collective.

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