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Nathan ‘NYCES’ Murdoch

Nathan 'NYCES' Murdoch

Peterborough based artist, Nathan ‘NYCES’ Murdoch has been honing his skill with a spray can for over 25 years. His prolific portfolio of work has seen numerous pieces go viral with celebrities such as Ice T and The Prodigy publicly commenting on his work.

Having started out as a graffiti artist, Nathan has, over the years, widened his repertoire to include street art through his highly successful company Street Arts Hire. He views his home town of Peterborough as a blank canvas, and working with local businesses, has changed the visual landscape through a wide range of murals.

Nathan ‘NYCES’ Murdoch is highly regarded and respected within the graffiti and street art community, with a large worldwide fan base and we are incredibly proud to have Nathan on board offering stunning prints of his art work.

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